Food Tasting

When traveling to exotic destinations, there is nothing better than tasting the local flavors to get a feel of the true cultural traditions of the region. Whetherit is a cheese tasting in France, a tapas experience in Spain, ora taco experience in Mexico, food tastings are a must to enhance your knowledge of international flavors and surprise your pallet.

Wine Tasting

Get to know better the complex world of wine in dreamy destinations like the French Riviera or Californias Napa Valley. Spend the day learning about the different local varieties, pair it with food and keep the fun vibe going by organizing a private dinner in the middle of the vineyard with a private chef and sommelier.

Spirits Tasting

Imagine tasting local rum under a palm tree in Cartagena off the Caribbean coast of Colombia or by the pool in St Bart. Picture yourself in Los Cabos discovering the flavors of a tequila aged 36 months in oak barrels that bore whisky in europe. Spirits tastings are a true delight for the soul and create complex sensorial experiences.

Coffee Tasting

Stimulate your senses with an exclusive tasting experience of the finest Colombian coffee. This is coffee like you have never known before, crafted for you to enjoy with innovative and creative pairings. Feel the warm spice of a deep blend paired with honey, rum, or floral notes to open up the world of molecular caffeine. Learn the history and the culture that Colombian coffee carries with its flavor, and dive into the fascinating world of high-end coffee guided by expert growers.