Fly private to your destination with Alba Jets: avoid commercial flight queues and delays, and set the tone of your trip from the start with a VIP flight experience. Enjoy a glass of champagne and gourmet catering during your flight, served by your private flight attendant. Flying private is also a cost-efficient travel solution for groups such as corporate retreats or couples reunions, as opposed to business commercial flights.


Heavy Jets

Heavy Jets are some of the largest non-commercial planes that you can find, with generally over 12 passengers seats depending on the configuration, and with large cabins that can give room to dedicated media areas and even bedrooms. Some of the typical heavy jets are Gulfstream G500, Challenger 600, or Falcon 900. They are ideal for long trips across the Americas or the Atlantic ocean without a fuel stop, and big groups such as corporate retreats or large families. Are you visiting Saint Tropez from Miami? Request a quote with our Alba

Super mid size

Super mid size jets are the most popular category of charters, as they are ideal for flights within North America or within Europe, with5 to 6 hours of autonomy and cabins that allow for passengers to stand up.
Their capacity is generally from 8 to 12 passengers. Travel from New York to St Barts or Tulum non stop onboard an elegant Falcon 200, Challenger 300, or a Hawker 900xp from our collection.

Midsize Jets

Midsize jets have a slightly shorter autonomy with 4 to 5 hours of flight time, and have a maximum of 8 seats in their cabins. They are preferred options for US national flights such as New York to Miami, or European trips such as Paris to Mykonos. Go for an elegant Gulfstream G150, or a Hawker 800XP for a comfortable trip.

Light Jets

This category of jets is ideal for small groups of 4 to 8 people looking to travel to a nearby destination such as Miami or Orlando to the Caribbean, or Miami to Cartagena, with up to 4 hours of flight autonomy. Enjoy a private flight with your close ones in a classy Phenom 300 with its notable black rear, or in a Cessna Citation.


The most economical option of all private aircrafts, turboprops are an alternative to those who want to travel private but are conscious about cost efficiency. They can only cover short distances due to their
small cabins and tanks. These planes have a turbine engine that drives aircraft propellers and allows them to increase speed without spending as much fuel. King Airs and Beechcraft are the main manufacturers of turbo jets and the most reliable.