Your experience with Alba Collection can only be complete with a day onboard one of our yachts, cruising the ocean with a cocktail in hand. Enjoy a memorable day with your close ones, pampered by the crew while the captain brings you to all the best spots near your villa. Discover untouched islands, snorkel surrounded by the rich fauna, and try fresh seafood inits natural element. We have all sorts of yachts and luxury
boats ready for you.

Superyachts & Megayachts

The quintessence of an ultra luxury experience, superyachts and megayachts are the largest leisure boats on the ocean. True superyachts are generally over 50 meters (165 ft), and boast first class amenities such as pools and hot tubs on board, and up to helicopter pads, game rooms, home cinemas and more. They also containa
significant amount of suites that allow for a yachting experience over several days, and a full crew to cater to your every needs on board. Inguire with our concierges to book a superyacht for a dazzling experience.


Renting a yacht for the day during your trip in seaside destinations is a must when traveling with Alba Collection. Yachts are generally over 98 ft, but we also have smaller yachts such as Azimut 62 ft, which are
great for smaller groups. Spend the day on the sea, snorkel near an island, snack on fresh seafood cooked onboard, indulge in a refreshing cocktail prepared by the yacht’s bartender, and take in a
marvelous sunset to conclude the day. We can put togethera premiere experience, tailored to your liking.


This option is best for large groups who want to have a fun time together on the ocean, without needing to cover large distances. Catamarans have great space due to their wide structure and nets spread between the hulls to offer maximum space. If you are celebrating a birthday party or a corporate retreat, they are your
option of choice. For those who want to have the space of a catamaran and the speed of a yacht, then power catamarans make the perfect combination to reach different places on your boat day and have fun all throughout.

Sailing boats

For the more classical sea lovers, sailing boats are a treat: let yourself carried away by the wind in those elegant and high-reaching vessels that bring you backin time. If you are looking for a romantic experience with your partner, or want to enjoy a sunset tour, sailing boats are a great fit. Let us stock the boat with a bottle of wine, a table of fine cheese and fresh fruits, to create a nice surprise for your loved ones.