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Our mission is to provide you access to world-class, hand-picked properties and offer amemorable experience with bespoke service and local excellence. Our vision is to create a community of discerning travelers wanting to find the same level of luxury and personalization in all their favorite destinations.

Alba Collections team combines decades of luxury hospitality experience in 5* European hotels, luxury rentals and real estate. You can stay with us around the world in the most exclusive locations to live the life that you deserve.


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“In the past decade, when travelling I have liked a few brands of luxury hospitality in different areas, but I never was able to find one single international rental service with a strong brand where I feel a sense of belonging. Alba Collection is what this is all about: a curated collection of the finest villas in all of the hotspots of the world, powered by international talent with a knack for hosting. We strive to create a consistent feel and experience in all of our destinations, in a way that you become part of a brand that understands your expectations and evolves around your needs. Join our community, join our collection.”

André Alfonsi


A serial entrepreneur at heart, André was introduced to the hospitality industry from a very young age as his family owned several restaurants in the French Riviera. He quickly took over the family business and became successful in optimizing hospitality
businesses and expanding operations to different parts of France. In 2012, after running the business for 15 years, André sought a change of environment and decided to move to Cartagena de Indias, the crown jewel of the Caribbean coast. In the past 6 years, he has opened two 5-stars luxury boutique hotels in the Old City of Cartagena, and mastered the concept of professionalizing a villa rental with full staff and high-end food 8: beverage operation.
André created Alba Collection to offer the same level of 5* service and exclusivity to his clients around the world, focusing on all the hot spots where he loves to travel. His vision is to build a community where clients experience refined luxury tailored to their needs and follow the brand wherever they choose to vacation.

Thomas Durvaux


Thomas Dorvaux, a native of Aix en Provence near Saint Tropez, proved his operational expertise in hospitality through 8 years at 5 star Kempinski Hotel Geneva, managing the famous Le Grill
Restaurant. Throughout his tenure, Thomas oversaw a large team of staff with the goal of providing the highest level of 5 star service to VIPs like the Sheiks of Emirates, Hollywood actors and Fortune
500 CEOs who were staying at the hotel. Thomas has a strong suit for optimizing onsite operations in fast paced luxury environments, handling concierge teams, problem solving, and dealing with clientele face to face. He’s a key asset to Alba Collection as the Operations Director, and makes sure every client has a remarkable experience from the moment they land.

Johann Jacquot


Johann was raised in Burgundy, France, where fine gastronomy and world-renowned wines nurtured his taste early on. He crossed the Atlantic to study business and communication in Canada and
honed his commercial skills early in sales positions. Johann developed his knack for international business development and luxury operations at Airbnb Luxe, where he was in charge of Airbnb’s Key Accounts for experiences and services globally. During the pandemic, Johann decided to shift his environment and moved
to South America in Colombia, where he was hired as Sales Director for Latin Exclusive, the leading luxury villa rental agency in Latin America. He oversaw sales and market expansion for hispanic countries throughout the continent. Johann joined Andrés and Thomas at the inception of Alba Collection, bringing his strong
knowledge of luxury villa rental operations to complement the talented team.


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